Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

Artists Take Vacations Just Like You Do

This is the time of year, just before the Fourth of July, that a number of Art In The Market vendors go to visit family and friends or take a painting holiday.

Elizabeth Harris has gone to Bar Harbor Maine to do her watercolors accompanied by painter Richard Childs.
Charles Dickinson and Debbie Boon are currently in Gettysburg Pennsylvania visiting her brother. Charles has a painting of the local train station and a New York curator wants to see more. He is to have a gallery exhibit in Bar Harbor in a few weeks.
Portrait artist Kate Merrick is in N.Y.C visiting her son who owns a nightclub in Brooklyn.
Helena Sala and her son Marc are visiting family in Barcelona and taking a tour of the Basque country.
Artists in exile because of restrictive conditions in St. Augustine .

Jackson Chuites -Key West, Bruce Bates - Tallahassee, Sherry Adriano - Bradenton Beach - Rick Hidebrandt, Plymouth, Mass, John DeSanto - ??? Paul & Piper - Key West

We miss 'em and we'll see you all back here soon


  1. Anonymous22 June, 2008

    I miss you all, too!!!

  2. Anonymous24 June, 2008

    Anyone check the local psych ward for DeSanto.....or the jail?

  3. Anonymous24 June, 2008

    We keep track.John is our friend. We have no perfect friends.Never met one and don't want any of those anywhere near us!