Thursday, June 26, 2008

Replace Harriss With Regan

Chief Operating Officer John Regan
Many in this community have expressed disappointment if not outrage with William Harriss' performance as City Manager. They cite his imperious manner with citizens at Commission meetings, his callous if not criminal approval of shipping contaminated soil to the less affluent neighborhoods, his refusal to talk with the press and his non residency in the city that pays his salary. Those of us who have resided in other cities with Commission/Manager system of government are astounded at the latitude this commission gives Mr.Harriss. This deference to Harriss is particularly not understandable since William Harriss has no particular training in urban management and seems to rule by the "seat of his pants".
It has been noticed that the city's Chief Operations Officer John Regan is the one who has to take on the hard questions and he does so with some finesse that many in this small town lack. Regan is the one who speaks before community groups and listens to the constant litany of complaints that come from a minority of citizens. We have never witnessed nor heard of John Regan belittling someone and treating them as anything other than a concerned citizen.
John Regan is active in the community and does not drive off to another suburban community when the day is over. You can find him every Thursday jogging downtown (if you are up at 6 AM)
This is a guy who had the personal fortitude to lose 90 pounds and then compete in his first marathon, the Chicago Marathon and was one of 4000 out of 36000 who finished during a record heat wave.
Mind you , he's still a bureaucrat, but he seems flexible and willing to listen.
To the City off the sweetheart contract given to Harriss and replace him. You already have the guy there doing the real job.

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  1. Anonymous28 June, 2008

    Hariss should have been shown the door a LONG time ago!