Wednesday, June 04, 2008


This weekend you will not see any artists on the streets and parks of St. Augustine. We are regirding ourselves against the stepped up Nazi like crackdown by the city on art vendors in the Plaza.
What with undercover police posing as art buying customers and surveillance cameras recording us we need a break. To be treated as pariahs and undesirables can be tiring. Most artists involved in this fight knows that another will help financially if need arises.
Art In The Market artists will return on the next weekend.
St. Augustine without street artists is..............................Daytona Beach.


  1. Hoedy Karl, I am going to check out St. Petersburg this weekend. So far Tampa has treated me like a wayward son. Especialy Y Bor city.I only play once a week. Make enough to get me through the next. So far I have been here for 6 mos., not once have I been told anything other than everyone likes to hear my music. NO mention of needing a permit, or any kind of harrassment at all. Three weeks ago an on duty policeman tipped me 5.00. I will let you know more as I experience it. Hope yer moritorium brings further attention to your cause. It seems tottaly barbarous that the city would treat artists as if you were terrorists. I think they are getting desperate. Key West got this way before their whole offence against street performers caved in.Maybe it will happen there as well. The city needs a new leader. Best of luck... Harp.

  2. Anonymous07 June, 2008

    I HATE Daytona Beach!!!