Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not Funny

Yesterday I sent out over 1200 e mails. It was simply a link to this newsletter. We believe in permission based mass mailings. If you receive this link it was because you are in our data base or someone forwarded the link to you. It IS possible that you left your business card lying around somewhere or you are an important member of our community who may want to keep abreast of the street artist issue. I sometimes add names of those "movers and shakers"who have already made public comments on the street artist issue.
So, to the city official and an attorney, former mayor and state legislator who asked us not to send our infrequent mailings to them, We have removed your address as requested.
In that all lawyers who send unsolicited postal mail advertising your services after Suvo's arrests, you can save a stamp. He gets at least half a dozen letters about a week after he gets out of jail. The mayor's partner's law firm is one of them. That would be awkward wouldn't it?

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps we have not properly subscribed to your newsletter...
    But, we did not receive one as of today.
    And as you very well know, we love Art In the Market and Karl.