Wednesday, September 01, 2010

1.35 MIL for Christina Ricci ?

A Manhattan man is being sued for losing a $1.35 million painting.

He blames the booze - saying the Jean Baptiste Camille Corot masterpiece, "Portrait of a Girl," vanished following a bender at The Mark hotel.

The artwork's co-owner, Kristyn Trudgeon, isn't buying James Haggerty's tale.
"I think he's a complete fumbling idiot," a visibly annoyed Trudgeon said outside her West Side apartment. "He's just a complete a--hole." More here               UPDATE

Another Story Art Dealer to the stars to serve 6 years for $120M fraud

Local link Buyer Beware

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  1. Thomas Kinkaid03 September, 2010

    The "art dealers", if they can be called that here in St. Augustine are selling overpriced phoney crap to the tourists.