Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Was A Confederate State

We have tour guides and trolley drivers pointing out that the structure (pictured above) that was once closer to the bay front before dredge fill,  was "Never a slave market". Historian Geoff Dobson contends that this is the fact, while historian David Nolan states that it occurred numerous times under the roof of what we call "The Slave Market".
Here are both sides :   Dobson Never A Slave Market            
                   Nolan Slaves Traded Here

It is interesting to note that some feel that acknowledgement that this trading of human chattel may have occurred here is somehow not politically correct. Author/historian Karen Harvey was quoted by the St. Augustine Record that  she was "appalled to think anyone would use a term I believed to be derogatory to the African-American population " Karen Harvey's take on the Slave Market

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  1. Nice post Greg. This is interesting with diverse opinions. Thanks:)