Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Little History and a Lotta Baloney

12 Castillo Drive preparations for the Pirate Place, Pat Croce, owner

Workers are getting the St.Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum together for the November opening. Entrepreneur Pat Croce has relocated the museum here from Key West. Croce is not the shy retiring type as you can see from his website, "Pat Croce, Man or Myth!". Former part owner of basketball team , the Philadelphia 76ers, Croce is also the author of "My Pop-Pop is a Pirate", and "Lead or Get Off the Pot!" The advance press refers to St. Augustine as a former "pirate stronghold".(??!!) Me thinks not!

Croce decided to  leave Key West for  St.Augustine because he wanted a more family friendly atmosphere.
Your kids can come see and learn about the adventurous life of syphilitic, vagabond, cutthroat sociopaths who burned down our city twice. Eat some pirate grub and have a kiddie toddy on the.....and the kids will like this........on the Poop Deck , (snicker, snicker)

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