Monday, September 13, 2010

Vice Mayor of Florida

Tonight at the City of St. Augustine City Commission Commissioner Erroll Jones gave his report on the city's delegation to three cities in Spain. His delivery and "facts" were just plain embarassing. He had a slide show of  places the delegation visited. City Manager Regan who was also on the trip had to interrupt him numerous times to either correct the commissioners pronunciation or to correct Jones's facts.

We are interested in the offer of a Picasso exhibit from Northern Spain. Though Jones confuses Picasso with Dali it is hoped that someone follows up on this offer.

Our grade for your presentation, Commissioner..............D minus


  1. Knowing Jones, I'm sure that he went on and on with the Spanish about the so called Picasso Museum in St. Petersburg Fla. They were probably too polite to correct him and tell him that Picasso and Dali are two differnt people.

  2. The man is an embarrassment! They probably thought, "This is the best they have to send?!"

  3. Might have been the best.