Saturday, September 04, 2010

On and On

These photos are from activities in St. Augustine's Plaza de la Constitucion within a 24 hour period last Thursday -Friday. A nice concert by Skin'n Bonz was held in the Gazebo and was well attended. A man in white was dragging a cross along the sidewalks around the Plaza. An artist set up an easel with three artworks. Take notice of which one was fined for creating clutter and a safety hazard.

Over twenty citations have been issued in the past four years (including jail for three artists).Not one was ever prosecuted! Continuing the harassment, the City of St. Augustine picks and chooses what they consider peaceful constitutional activity.


  1. I'm surprised lawyers aren't stepping all over themselves to sue the city. Looks like quite a lot of money to be made there by the ones that do.

  2. The laws the law pal.

  3. "Anonymous said...

    The laws the law pal."
    ... I think thats the point Karl is trying to make...that it isnt, its pick and choose. Its a law of convenience, there, anonymous!

  4. When the City residents vote, perhaps they will choose differently.