Sunday, May 10, 2009

Conformist's Library

To: St. Augustine City Hall, Harris, Brown et. al.
Suggested reading for you would be Denise Deegan's book, Managing Activism: A Guide to Dealing with Activists and Pressure Groups,
Deegan recommends what she calls "one of the first books to offer a 'how to . . .' format to help people cope with the threat of activism." I especially recommend her chapters on "relationship building, negotiation and conflict resolution" and "media relations." Reading these chapters should help drive home the realization that activist efforts are being deliberately targeted for defeat by corporate funding, partnership and co-optation.
These may seem like unusual weapons, but PR crisis managers have taken to heart the advice of military strategist Carl Von Clausewitz: "We see then that there are many ways to one's object in War; that the complete subjugation of the enemy is not essential in every case."
Your man Kahn ( hired specialist attorney) should read this as well.
Deegan suggests the pretense of listening to these groups of malcontented citizens to give the appearance of cooperation whilst trying to dissemble the group from inside.
Hey......we'd at least appreciate the effort.

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