Sunday, May 03, 2009


One day you may decide to shed the "conventional life". Maybe you are a twentysomething in search of adventure or a 5o year old whose family is grown and you now seem rudderless. Maybe you've decided to "follow your bliss" or to say "to hell with what is expected" of a so called responsible individual.

We can tell you that you will have critics within your family and outside as well. The path you choose may seem strange to others. You will hear that you are wrong, what you do is irrelevant and so on. The critics will be there....doesn't matter what you do. If you care more about what people will think than your own gut feelings then do NOT attempt an unconventional route.

I run with Suvo who chose to work on his art and try to share it with as many people as possible. I have sat in galleries with Suvo's art in high rent places and maybe.......just maybe someone would come through the door to take a look. Until our recent legal hassles I now get to meet many people and Suvo gets to show his stuff. He sometimes feels discouraged and I put my head in his lap because that's my job. He is my best friend. (to use a human cliche)

In our journey we have encountered many new friends and easily over 1000 people have Suvo's artwork in their homes (or at least in the storage shed waiting for framing. or the next garage sale) This is fulfilling and believe me it has nothing to do with money and makes the hardships worth while. We have met other kindred spirits from all walks of life. Some of them have retained a conventional aspect to their lives but all want to share their art and exercise their right to do so. In St. Augustine they risk the chance of going to jail. The criticism levelled by the "dabblers and dilettantes from the local Cultural Councils and Art Leagues fall on deaf ears since we get our gratification from "the public".

So if you ever feel that you wanna "run away" to pursue your dream ,whether it is travelling cross South America, turning your hobby into your profession or looking up an old girlfriend in Santa Fe (don't worry Jocelyn...not Suvo) here are some things to keep in mind.

Karl's Rules

1.You can do it. .....2.You could always have a regular life somewhere. .....3. You’ve chosen a different path and you won’t give up........4. Forget about "owning" stuff. 5.....Listen lightly to critics and then take your own counsel 6. .....Accept help when offered 7......There will always be kibble.

One day you will look back on all the stuff you did, or you look back and think about all the stuff you could have done.

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