Wednesday, May 13, 2009

People We Love

Piper & Paul

Last night we visited for three hours with artists Paul and Piper who have been on a three year adventure on their sailboat Delphine. This journey is coming to an end and they'll soon be back in their home in Chapel Hill, N.C. Paul sold his sculpture stone and copper creations in the Plaza 2 1/2 years ago and intends to set up in public space back home.

We found this in the Blog explaining their three year odyssey:

"The key to affording this lifestyle is simple living...doing without. Remember that the filthy rich aren't getting the experience you will get. The best things are free. They are sitting on a large boat watching a big screen TV. That's not life. That's just living. They aren't snorkeling with turtles and spearing fish. They are drinking $9 mojitos in an air conditioned room. They aren't lying on a beach with pink sand. (which is kinda over-rated anyway) They are being served fish they didn't catch, clean or cook themselves. We are ready for our next adventure. We are ready to be closer to the family again. I am ready to be a street artist in my own town. You are free to chase your dreams."

To read about their adventures go here and click on the links.

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