Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Real Richard Boone

Famous Actor, Tough Guy


  1. Paladin was my hero... in fantasy and real life as Richard Boone. He served in WWII as gunner on aircraft. I'm staying in Cedar Key ISLAND HOTEL where he stayed in the 60's. He loved art. A great man. I'd like to find some of his art he painted while in cedar key.

  2. I discovered Paladin reruns on Netflix. 221 episodes. at the time my brother and I use to watch "Have gun will travel" every week. He was such a cool character.

  3. Anonymous25 June, 2011

    Of course not
    the venues had to be cleared for the generic disney world
    mentalities and corporate made in china crap

    A real joy to observe a true Maser at work

    Richard Boone

    The first Intellectual Cowboy