Sunday, May 03, 2009

St. Augustine Celeb

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"A note about Richard Boone. He was most famous for playing “Paladin,” a gentleman gun-for-hire, in the classic TV western, Have Gun-Will Travel. The picture on the left is a promo shot from the show. The calling card he gave to perspective clients had a picture of a black knight chess piece, and the words, "Have gun, Will travel."
Paladin was tough, but also intelligent, articulate, and educated. He preferred not to use "deadly force" to bring in the bad guys.
Paladin was kind of like an old west version of Batman."

Boone moved to St. Augustine, Florida from Hawaii in 1970, and worked with the production of Cross and Sword when he wasn't acting on television or in movies, until his death in 1981. He also gave acting lectures at Flagler College in 1972-1973.

For a lot of baby boomer guys the character Paladin was the coolest guy ever, just after Marshall Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke. As we aged we learned not to confuse the person with the playacting.

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